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Say Namaste - Eco Totebag
Say Namaste - Eco Totebag

Say Namaste - Eco Totebag

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Say namaste to life with this customizable bag! To replace the city with the city or country of your choice, add the product to your cart and use the "special instructions" box to write down your choice. We'll take care of the rest 😉.

Note that this bag is eco-responsible: it is made of organic cotton! 😌

P.S: The term namaste comes from Sanskrit (sacred language of Buddhist and Hindu religious texts) and means "I bow to you". Namaste is in fact a word full of benevolence, used to greet each other in India but also to say goodbye or to welcome.

Originally, the term namaste is related to the spiritual masters of yoga, especially in India and Nepal, and has a deeper meaning.

In Buddhist and Hindu culture, every human being has a light that it is necessary to cultivate through the regular practice of meditation and yoga. This light is found in our heart, hence the gesture of joined hands towards the heart that accompanies the term. It's a bit like saying "I salute the light that is in you". 🙏🏼

What a beautiful message of love! ❤️

• 100% certified organic cotton twill
• Weight limit: 13.6 kg (30 lbs)