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Our Story ❤️

Ekyata was founded by an adventurous couple: Shermine and John. Originally from India, John was born in Madagascar and Shermine in Reunion Island. They now live in Canada as expats: what a beautiful mix of culture! But in order for those cultures to be in harmony, unity is necessary ! 

The two travel lovers decided to found Ekyata with the purpose of helping people find products that promote values they believe in such as unity, peace, justice  while making them travel ! 

In fact, Ekyata is a gujarati word - the founders' mother tongue - that means Unity.

Through our designs, you'll see that our objectives are the following : 

  1. Gather communities around a common interest and common values. 
  2. Promote unity and build solidarity between the different communities through the fight for causes that are dear to their hearts
  3. Allow people to discover the world in an other way and stimulate a dialogue filled with kindness

Since our goal is to build a caring community, we invite you to reach out if there are any problems that you might encounter on the website, whether technical ones or linked to our designs or anything else, really. We will make sure to accommodate you the best we can. 

You can contact us on :

Let's celebrate unity for a better community harmony !