Christmas deadlines : 29th nov, 11.55pm


With everything that happened in the world especially regarding the violation of human rights this year, we can say that 2021 has been a huge wake up call for us. We tried to do everything we could to help those in need but we still felt like we could have done more. 
Since we have always wanted to have our own company, one that makes a difference, we built one. With Ekyata - which means Unity in gujraati, our mother tongue - we can finally do more. Not only do we want to promote unity and solidarity through our designs but we want to contribute financially to the causes that are close to our hearts. And we would like to do so while encouraging a more conscious shopping. 
This is why we have decided that for each eco-friendly product bought, 5 % of our profits (excluding discounts) will be donated to a charity that supports a particular cause. Below, you'll find all the details. 

BLESSED design : 
"In June of 2021, the World Food Program (WFP) warned that up to 41 million people in 43 countries are at imminent risk of famine." - Islamic Relief USA 
To read more about the famine emergency, visit the Islamic Relief USA website

UNITY design : 
"For over 25 years PCRF (Palestine Children's Relief Fund) has been the main nonprofit in the Middle East providing free surgery and other urgent aid to thousands of sick and injured children, regardless of their religion or nationality." 
To read more about their projects, visit their website

"Your gift provides HOPE scholarships for hard-working young people — giving them education they need for stable, long‑term employment". 
Read more about the project on Children International

SAY NAMASTE design :
"CARE India’s ‘Girl Education Program’ (GEP) has been working for 25 years to ensure quality elementary education for children, especially girls and those from marginalized communities, to help them become the leaders and changemakers of the future."
Read more about their impact on Care India. 

NO LOVE NO GAIN design :
" In the mid- 70’s, citizens and women s groups decided to end the silence and publicly denounced conjugal violence as a social problem and decreed it should no longer be a private matter. Citizens of the West Island came together to help women victims of violence. With this in mind, a garage apartment was rented with the intention to save lives. This is how our shelter started!"